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Denise has been crafting with reclaimed wool for more than 20 years and recently discovered the transformative process of wet felting that is the art of natural wool fibres coming together with water, soap and a lot of manual manipulation and the opportunity to create something truly unique.
She has further extended the craft through the art of nuno felting allowing the merino wool felted shawls to be created with fabric.  The lovely colored bits are from vintage sari silks from India, scarves and other pieces of materials that excite her creative imagination.  No fabric is safe from experimentation and that includes your grandmothers crocheted doilies, itchy mohair scarves and discarded personal clothing items.
Denise continues to evolve as an artist and attends workshops taught by national and international artisans.
Denise considers her pieces “ WEARABLE ART” and each one is individually created and unique.

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