2024 Applications Now Closed

Whether a sculptor, photographer, felter or food truck, Lake Country ArtWalk offers the opportunity for all artists.

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who registered. 

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Visual Artists

Artist applications for All Artists (including photographers), Fibre Artists and Group/Galleries are open from March 15 to May 15. Please scroll down the page to apply.


Performing Artists

To express your interest for a Performing Artist opportunity at ArtWalk 2024, contact Jennifer Boal by email.


Food Vendor Applications

If you have a passion for food and want to serve and promote your food truck to thousands of visitors over one weekend, ArtWalk is for you!

If you are interested in a food truck spot for 2024 contact us by email at [email protected].

Artist Application Guidelines - 2024

Thank you to all Artists, including Photographers, Groups and Galleries, and Fibre Artists who applied to ArtWalk 2024.

Basic Details

  • September 7 and 8, 2024
  • Lake Country Community Complex/George Elliot Secondary School, and HS Grenda Middle School, Lake Country, BC.
  • Over 7,000 people come to enjoy this high-quality arts festival.
  • ArtWalk is a Juried show.
  • Applications will be open from March 15 to May 15, 2024.
  • Theme: “Transformative Art in a Changing World”

Guidelines for Exhibiting at ArtWalk 2024

The following guidelines apply to your participation in ArtWalk:

  1. All artworks must be originals, we do not allow reproductions or greeting cards.
  2. The majority of your artworks must be new works that have not been shown at ArtWalk before.
  3. Choose from two sizes of display space: 100 square feet for $100 or 200 square feet for $200.
    • We will try to meet your space requests; however, space is limited; decisions will be given in the acceptance letters.
  1. The spaces may vary in configuration, e.g. 10 x 20 or 8 x 25, etc. to be determined by lay-out plans.
  2. Every artist who applies to ArtWalk will be juried every year.
  3. There will be one Jury Processes that will include all general Artists, Groups, Galleries, Photographers, and Fibre Artists.
  4. A 10% commission fee will be paid on all sales.
  5. You may handle your own sales, or may use our central Sales Table. If you are handling your own sales, we ask, and trust, you to report your sales accurately.
  6. You must plan a good quality display space. The number of artworks that may be displayed in your space is your choice, however, we encourage you to create a Gallery-like display, without overcrowding the art.
  7. We encourage you to plan your display space in advance, creating a display using the supports/panels/easels that are suitable for your own artworks. No structures may be higher than 8 feet. Refer to 'For Artists' on the website for some examples and guidelines for creating an effective display of your artworks
  8. You may request the use of some of the grid panels that we provide at no cost. However, ArtWalk has a limited number of grid panels to share among all requests. Typically, we can provide up to 6 grid panels for each artist requesting them.  Each grid panel is 2’ x 6’.  Include your request for grid panels on the Artist Exhibition Form that will be sent to you if you are selected by the Jury Committee.
  9. The ArtWalk Committee will provide assistance with your display if requested, and also reserves the right to make adjustments as necessary to ensure your display meets the overall safety and quality expectations of this art show.
  10. Artists do not need to use or reflect the Theme in their imagery. You will be notified of any specific Theme related activities that offer artists an opportunity to participate.
  11. If you are selected by the Jury Committee, you will need to provide the details that will be printed on your exhibition labels by August 10, 2024. Instructions for doing this on-line will be provided for you in a follow-up letter. ArtWalk prepares all labels in order to give the show a cohesive look (exceptions are made for jewelers with many small items.)

Note to Fibre Artists:

  • There are some changes to Fibre Artists’ application processes and participation this year.
  • The same standard application form with its due dates, jury process, and communications will now apply to all artists participating in ArtWalk.
  • There will still be a designated location for Fibre Arts at ArtWalk.
  • You have some choices:
    • request a 100 sq ft space for yourself,
    • join with a group of other Fibre Artists to share a 100 sq ft space.
    • apply as an individual artist, and be grouped with others as the lay-out is planned.
  • If you are applying as an individual artist rather than with a pre-planned group, the registration fee will be $10 per artwork that you display.
  • A Fibre Arts specialist will be on the Jury Committee.
  • There will be a Fibre Arts Coordinator to communicate with you and support you.

Note to Photographers:

  • There are some changes to photographers’ application and participation processes this year.
  • The same standard application form with its due dates, communications, and Jury process now applies to Photographers.
  • A key change is that rather than jurying in each piece of art, the jury process will jury in the photographic artists.
  • You have choices for space:
    • request a 100 sq ft space for yourself
    • join with a group of other photographers to share a 100 sq ft space
    • apply as an individual artist to be grouped with others when the lay-out is planned.
  • If you are applying as an individual artist rather than with a pre-planned group, the registration fee will be $10 per artwork that you display.
  • There will still be a designated Photography site at ArtWalk, all photography will be in this location
  • A Photography specialist will be included on the Jury Committee.
  • There will still be a Photography Coordinator to communicate with you and support you.

Process and Timelines for Applications:

Application information and forms are available online at www.lakecountryartwalk.ca

  • If you are not able to complete an online application, mail applications to:
  • ArtWalk 2024, P.O. Box 41079, RPO South, Lake Country, BC V4V 1Z7.
  • Applications can be submitted within the two months between March 15 and May 15, 2024.
  • The Jury Process will occur in May; you will be notified of the outcome by email in June.

 Criteria for Selection of Participating Artists:

  •  All work must be original, creative art.
  • Artworks must be of high quality, showing a strong body of work for each artist.
  • Artists must reside in the Okanagan Valley.
  • All types of artworks may be submitted, paintings, sculpture, mixed media, any medium.
  • The Jury process will occur in May; artists will be notified in June.

If you have any questions, contact Sharon McCoubrey at 250-864-2785. or [email protected] or check the website at www.lakecountryartwalk.ca

We trust this important information will help you have a great experience at ArtWalk!

Thank you.