How to Set Up Your Artist Display

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How to Create Your Display for ArtWalk

Creating a professional and appealing display of your artworks at ArtWalk is so important to set off your artworks and to attract viewers and potential customers.  To achieve an effective display, plan your display in advance. Here is some basic information and several examples to assist you.

Display:  Aim to have your display meet the following criteria: gallery-like, professional, attractive, appealing, inviting.

Space:  Your space will be either 100 or 200 square feet, but do not think of it as a ‘cave’ with viewers walking along the front.  Instead, consider how you can visually invite people into your space to walk around your artworks or to have a closer look. Consider traffic flow.

Hanging your Art:  If your art is 2-D, you will need easels, panels, or backdrops of some kind.  Some artists have constructed very clever backdrop systems that collapse for portability and set-up easily.  Such a system would be ideal. However, if that is not possible, using grid panels and easels will also work.

Grid Panels:  ArtWalk has enough grid panels to let you use, at no cost, about 6 panels.  Each panel is 2’ wide and 6 ‘ high. They are joined together with zap straps (provided) so you can form various configurations.  This is where you can be creative, and think of ways to use the grids beyond simply lining them up along the back and sides of your allotted space.  You might choose to created a four sided box with small artworks displayed on all four sides. You might form several wings with the grids then display artworks on both sides.  Also consider sharing a wall of grid panels with your neighbouring artist as a way to make them go farther.

Hanging Hooks: ArtWalk will provide flat (not ‘S’) hooks to use on the grid walls.

Grid Panel Covers: ArtWalk does not provide covers for the grid panels.  Although some artists like a black backdrop for their artworks, a room full of black will absorb the light, so we encourage you to cover the grids only minimally.  Landscape fabric is a good choice because it is not totally solid and does not block sight-lines.

Easels:  ArtWalk has a very small number of easels, most are small, so it is best if you are able to obtain your own easels if they are part of your display plan. A combination of grids and easels is often effective.

Tables: ArtWalk has 3’ x 8’ tables that can be provided to you at no cost if you have 3-D artwork.  The tables need to be covered, you will need to provide your own tablecloths.

Plinths: For sculptures, we have some plinths available, but you will need to check with us in advance to check size and height.  You will need to provide your own covers.

Chair:    ArtWalk will provide a chair (or 2 if needed) for you to use within your display area.

Small Tables:  You might want a small table on which to display your business cards, or flowers, etc.  You will need to provide your own tables, but please choose a very small table.

Artworks: All paintings and other artworks must be in good shape and prepared for hanging before you arrive.  We do not have wire, screws, etc. for this preparation.

Extras: You are free to add extras, such as flowers, small props, to your display if they set-off your artwork in some special way, or if they relate to the ArtWalk theme.  Be careful to not make your space look cluttered, or to distract from your artwork.