Colleen  J Dyson

Colleen’s travels to Costa Rica and the Canadian West Coast have inspired her to step out of her comfort zone completely. Initially painting Still Life and Florals, she is now on to boats, seascapes, vineyards, and waterways. She and her work are works-in-progress and will be for some time as she works to bring her new favourite big brushes to her painting style. Teaching various workshops has added another element to her craft.

   Kit Bell

Throughout her life Kit has always drawn and painted and although her professional career took her into the world of computers, art always remained a strong interest. Kit moved to Ottawa, Ontario after graduating from UBC where she began to paint landscapes in oils. She was represented by the Inspiration Art Gallery in Ottawa and by the Firehall Gallery in Perth, Ontario. She took the opportunity to study at the Ottawa School of Art and exhibited her work at the BCAL Clothesline Fair in Ottawa (a juried show) for several years. After moving to Kelowna, BC in 1992, a busy career prevented her from pursuing art for nearly 15 years. Returning a few years ago to painting, Kit has picked up where she left off. Continuing to expand her knowledge and develop her technique and vision, she enjoys both painting on location and working in her studio.

Lizann Allan

Born in Malaysia and raised in Scotland, she has always enjoyed travel and photography. She likes the idea of recording what she sees and does and sharing it with others. She loves the outdoors and is inspired to paint the Okanagan colour and landscapes. Though she started painting in watercolour, she prefers the versatility of acrylics as well as the excitement of collage and mixed media. Lizann took Fine Arts in university and has enjoyed teaching art at the Elementary School level, but has only found time to paint since moving the Kelowna some years ago. Availing herself of the fantastic art community she has found here, she has been able to attend classes and workshops which has allowed her to explore new and innovative techniques.



Marilynn Bury

As an Active status member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in Kelowna, BC, she is surrounded by a wonderful and inspiring group of artists and friends. Art has always been a part of Marilynn’s life. She started drawing as a child moving into oil painting and then to watercolours and later acrylics. Her earliest subjects were still lifes and people. Over the years, Marilynn has developed a notable style with her large and textured fruit paintings. Her newest interest is discovering the wonderful world of painting landscapes and street scenes. Although she considers herself self-taught, she has taken workshops from various distinguished artists over the years. She has also completed courses at Okanagan University.

Barb Hanington

Barb Hanington is a long-time Okanagan resident of Kelowna who uses both the flora and fauna of the area as her muse. Now in retirement, she is experiencing many other subjects and Interests to add to her likes and possibilities for future paintings. Still lifes are a treasure to her. They’re challenging to the eye and brain allowing opportunity for creativity. Her artistic endeavours are often focused on her “Old Trucks”. These antiques are scouted out on travel ventures with her husband, Rob. Using the acrylic medium, Barb has painted 16 murals throughout Alberta and B.C. This has been an unexpected, wonderful experience and accomplishment for her. The large sizes are challenging and exhilarating all at the same time.

Lynn Tribe

Lynn has painted in the art certificate program and advanced painting techniques in tempera and mixed media through the University of Alberta. She has studied and taken workshops with well-known international artists learning new techniques and mediums, and is currently concentrating on Acrylic and mixed media collage. Lynn has received numerous Juror’s Choice Awards, and has participated in several noted juried and group exhibitions. She is currently represented at “Rags, Relics & Rutabagas” in Rock Creek, BC with her artwork being held in collections in Fernie, Calgary, Port Hardy, Kelowna, Texas and Colombia.

Bonnie Weber







Susan Priest

Lorraine Betts



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