Illustrators Writers Corner

Some ways that Art and Books are bound together include illustrations of text, book cover designs, fancy lettering, graphic novels, and art journals. The Illustrators Writers Corner, located in the Drama Room in the Middle School, offers a collection of all these art and book partnerships. This is a unique opportunity to see and perhaps buy some books from local authors or illustrators.

Some of the proceeds of book sales will go to the literacy-based charity “Room to Read” that ArtWalk is supporting this year.

The Kelowna Calligraphers Guild will be onside to demonstrate the amazing traditional skill of lettering. You might even get a bookmark with your name printed on it.

The Kelowna Calligraphers' Guild is a non-profit organization formed in 1990 to allow Okanagan calligraphers to share their expertise and introduce calligraphy to the general public.