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    Jaclyn May Locking is a local Kelowna artist who founded Jackalope Art Co in 2016. In that time, she has successfully exhibited work throughout the Okanagan in local businesses and juried group shows. Working with acrylics and a variety of mediums, Jaclyn creates vibrant paintings of buildings, and alleyway scenes through out Kelowna. She is fascinated by old war time homes, eclectic gardens, industrial neighbourhoods and back alley street art. Her work encourages viewers to explore their own neighbourhoods for hidden gems and to see the beauty in the everyday. Building on the foundations of her Kelowna paintings; her latest 12 piece series “High, Sunset”, takes the viewer on a colourful journey throughout the San Francisco area.
  • (250) 7182811
  • Jackalope Art Co.
  • @jackalope.art.co


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