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    • Amy Bradshaw
    • Diane Goossens
    • Judith Mueller
    • Alice Pallett
    • Violet Racz
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    The five artists of the Art Felt Collaborative came together in 2014 to use the medium of felt to inspire, create and exhibit and to build a community of felters. Their approach to felt-making is cutting edge, innovative, and pushes the boundaries of traditional techniques by applying contemporary techniques used globally. Their work includes sculptural and two-dimensional pieces and wearable art. The Art Felt Collaborative won the Okanagan Arts Award for Excellence in Applied Arts in 2016. Members include Amy Bradshaw, Diane Goossens, Judith Mueller, Alice Pallett, and Violet Racz. An overview of their work can be found on their website www.artfeltcollaborative.com
  • Art Felt Collaborative



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