A Peace Garden for Ukraine

A special feature at ArtWalk this year will be a Peace Garden, a small, indoor space filled with plants, flowers, and art, offering a peaceful ambience.

We have chosen to make this a fundraiser for the war in Ukraine. A specific cause has been chosen, that of an orphanage from which 250 children were forced to make a sudden and stressful escape.

There will be two main ways in which funds will be raised.

  • Donated art for sale.
  • A Raffle

The artworks donated for this project would be put on display in the Peace Garden, and be for sale. The price would be set by the artist. If the art sells, 50% would go to the artist and 50% to the fundraiser, or a higher percentage to the fundraiser - your choice.

If you are interested in donating an artwork, please contact me for further discussion at [email protected]