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    My name is Sonja Riediger, and I live and work in the magnificent Okanagan. I am a jeweler and designer for custom made high quality and distinctive jewellery. I use magnificent precious/ semi-precious gemstones with gold & sterling silver components to create unique and captivating pieces for women extraordinaire. My passion for high quality exquisite jewellery (& fashion for that matter) was always on my radar. The uniqueness of one-of-kind jewellery holds a special appeal for me. My keen eye for details, colours, textures together with my passion & intuition to design and create pieces of wearable art make my jewellery very distinct. My professional career took me to very different places, but finally I do what I love & makes my heart sing: design and create jewellery for YOU. All designs are one of a kind and exclusive. I also “re-invent” jewellery out of your “old” jewellery.
  • (250) 8089813
  • sonja@sonjasvision.com
  • https://www.sonjasvision.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/sonjasvision/


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