We are QuArtz, (QUilting ARTZ) a sub group of Vernon Silver Star Quilters. We have a common desire to further explore fiber and textile arts, and push the boundaries of traditional quilting. Our artistic backgrounds and experiences differ greatly, but we have the credo of acceptance, encouragement and exploration. With varied interests and diverse backgrounds, we learn from each other in the form of member led workshops, both hands on and informative.

  • Members:
    • Brigitte Red
    • Val Tucker
    • Betty Klein
    • Catherine Henderson
    • Cath Phillips
    • Cathy Gaetz-Brothen
    • Christine Trory
    • Elisabeth Reymond
    • Jeanette Marten
    • Joyce Evanishen
    • Linda Kuraoka
    • Tonny Penny
    • Shirley Weishuhn
    • Judith Beaver
    • Sandie Guenette



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