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    I studied art at the College of Art & Design in Detroit, Michigan.  I have worked with acrylics on canvas; painting whimsical works with interesting characters. I’ve received several awards at Federation of Canadian Artist exhibits and am one of the featured artists in the art book: ‘Beauty is…A Collection of Okanagan Art’.

    I have been growing gourds for years, turning them into bird houses. One spring I was cutting out the entrance and, as I held the ‘hole’ in my hands, the artist in me thought, “what a nice shape and it is so light; I wonder if I can make earrings out of these?”

    So today you’ll find me cutting, sanding and shaping gourds to make earrings, necklaces, shawl pins and buttons, taking my design inspirations from valley landscapes, to flowers in the garden, to old gears in junk yards. Each piece of wearable art is unique.

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