2020 ArtChair Project


Lake Country ArtWalk  -  What’s Happening for 2020?  - Art Chairs!

How can we fill the giant vacuum left when the ArtWalk festival had to be canceled this year?  Although not a replacement for the festival, a special Community Project will take place instead – ArtWalk Art Chairs.

The ArtWalk Planning Committee has commissioned 45 artists to turn basic wooden chairs, Muskoka or Adirondack style chairs, into works of art.  These Art Chairs will now appear in the municipalities throughout the Okanagan Valley.  Within days, 14 communities will see the appearance of a cluster of three Art Chairs somewhere in a park or along a beach.  The cluster of three chairs will be placed six feet apart, which will keep everyone safe while still encouraging coming together for a visit, or just to enjoy the scenic surroundings.

This Community Project was planned so the two main mandates of ArtWalk could be met.  Our first goal is to support artists.  Many artists have struggled this summer because shows and lessons have been canceled.  This project has given a creative challenge and some funds to 45 artists. Response from the artists indicate that they have found painting on a chair was a creative challenge and an inspiring project for their summer.  Not only did it give them an art making job amid the shut-down void, it also stretched their typical creative processes.  As several artists mentioned, they needed an uplifting project such as this to add a spark to their summer.

Our second goal is to provide art experiences for the public.  We anticipate that over the two years that the Art Chairs will be in our communities, thousands of people will enjoy them by just sitting in them, or comparing the paintings on them, or using them as a meeting place.


The paintings on the Art Chairs are as varied as the artists who did the paintings.  From humourous, to reflective to beautiful, the images on these chairs will be entertaining to everyone.  As a bonus, each Art Chair includes a short, powerful saying that will give us all something to think about.  

If you find an Art Chair in your or any community, take a selfie and tag it with #ArtWalkArtChairs or #LCArtwalk.  The really curious people will try to find all 45 Art Chairs.  What a great trip through the Okanagan Valley; follow the Art Chairs trail from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm!


ArtChair Gallery

Click on the image to see a larger version and the artist. For media looking for our ArtChair Press Folder, please click here.